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An interactive program to view electrical results

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About oscopy

This is oscopy, a kind of interactive oscilloscope in python, to view and post-process 2D electrical simulation or measurement results.

It present a command line and a GUI where you can interactively add/remove signals from the Figures and Graphs, examine your results with cursors, zoom, compute new Signals…

It is designed to be easily extended, e.g. add new input data file formats and new types of plots is straightforward.

New to oscopy ?

Take a look at the features and screenshots pages.

Already using oscopy ?

You might want to look at the documentation. <newcolumn> Oscopy running demo.oscopy </columns>

What's ongoing ?

Feel free to give a run to the experimental branch and send any comments, bugs report or features requests to the dev list

WARNING : Oscopy is now ported to ipython3 and gtk3 !!

As of 02/2016 Support for Smith Charts, Eye diagram and polar graphs has been added.

As of 11/2014 Migration to GTK3 is completed. Work is now focusing on integrating new features.

As of 10/2104 Drag and Drop work leaded to a complete rewrite of the drag code in the Signal List window. Drag of multiple selection in the treeview is now possible. The selected signals appear as a drag icon with a gradient thanks to Cairo, Pango and Pangocairo.

<html><span style=“color:gray”></html> As of 06/2014 Support for Drag and Drop of Signals to the Figure is completed. Work is focusing on restoring Figure window contextual menus.

<html><span style=“color:gray”></html> As of 03/2014 Move to GTK is completed for the Signal list window. Work ongoing to move the Figure window. Oscopy website is also slightly being updated, expect some glitches.

<html><span style=“color:gray”></html> As of 02/2014 move to ipython3 might be considered completed. Move to GTK3 takes most of the time, rework of the UI to use different UI build system (i.e. GTKBuilder) is ongoing.

<html><span style=“color:gray”></html> As of 11/2013, development cycle for v0.72 started with rc1. WARNING : Oscopy will move to ipython3 and gtk3 !! This may break a lot of feature during the release cycle. During this stage report bugs or comments here

09/05/2013, v0.71.0 released

<html><span style=“color:gray”></html> 25/04/2013, v0.71.0-rc2 released

<html><span style=“color:gray”></html> As of 04/2013, oscopy is now reported to install on fresh Ubuntu 12.10, Fedora 18 and Debian Sid (unstable). Expect 0.71-rc2 within a couple of days and -0.71 before mid-may. In the meantime user manual will be updated.

<html><span style=“color:gray”></html> As of 03/2013, Focus has been given on installation of oscopy with testing on several distros. Once it install flawlessly on at least vanilla Debian, Ubuntu and Fedora, 0.71-rc2 shall be available.

<html><span style=“color:gray”></html> 15/12/2012 v0.71.0-rc1 released.

<html><span style=“color:gray”></html> As of 12/2012, Duplicate signal names now appended with _xxxx. Documentation update is in progress. Expect version 0.71-rc1 to be out soon.

Do not hesitate to report bugs to the author !

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