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… or list of areas where help in the development will be welcomed:

Roadmap for 0.72


  • Restore SIG_USR1 and SIG_USR2 to call update_readers and run_netnsim_activated respectively
  • Restore DBus interface call to run_netnsim_activated and all other actions from AppMenu
  • Restore Figure menu in order to unhide previously hidden figures Done fe15a91d
  • Drag and drop support (see dd8a1a9) Done 886ebad3
  • Support for other graph format: Smith charts, polar plots, eye diagram (hint there) 1e5be52b, 92fba10b, 9aa4c559
  • Move to ipython3 (> 1.10.0) and gtk3
    • Warning Changed default behavior of ounit: the two arguments shall be explicit when setting yunit (see d06eb18f)
    • Warning It seems that GTK3Agg backend is not (yet?) compatible with python3, in the meantime using GTK3Cairo
    • IOscopy verification completed:
Feature Last verified Status
Application Menu
Add file 31/12/2013 PASSED
Execute script 31/12/2013 PASSED
New Math Signal 31/12/2013 PASSED
Update 31/12/2013 PASSED
Run Netlister and Simulate 31/12/2013 PASSED (Note 1)
Quit 31/12/2013 PASSED
Windows Menu
Figure XX 27/02/2014 fe15a91d PASSED
List of signals
Double click on signal create new figure 09/02/2014 0ce3464c PASSED
Drag signals 31/10/2014 886ebad3 PASSED
Drop file 09/02/2014 0ce3464c PASSED
Freeze / Unfreeze signals 09/02/2014 0ce3464c PASSED
Contextual Insert Signal menu 31/10/2014 7f05b484 PASSED
Display graphs 05/04/2014 8909c3cc PASSED
Select x10 for all graphs   05/04/2014 41c3e5c6f PASSED
Select x10 for a single graph 05/04/2014 41c3e5c6f PASSED
Zoom/Unzoom x10 when button pressed 05/04/2014 41c3e5c6f PASSED
Select Master pan 05/04/2014 41c3e5c6f PASSED
Select Span for a all graphs 05/04/2014 8909c3cc PASSED
Select Span for a single graph 05/04/2014 8909c3cc PASSED
Span when button pressed and mouse in a selected graph 21/11/2014 8a1e636d PASSED
Keep button selection as choice of Graph combobox 05/04/2014 8909c3cc PASSED
Export figure when button pressed 05/04/2014 8909c3cc PASSED
Right-click menu 10/11/2014 2cb6d9ec PASSED
Display coordinates when in graph 05/04/2014 8909c3cc PASSED
Drop Signals 17/06/2014 b4bbda7c PASSED
Range dialog 06/11/2014 c7d64ed6 PASSED
Unit dialog 10/11/2014 2cb6d9ec PASSED
Communication with other programs
SIG_USR1 / SIG_USR2 14/02/2014 a70817ae PASSED
DBus 14/02/2014 24b156c1 PASSED
Test scripts
demo/demo.oscopy 09/02/2014 0ce3464c PASSED
test/demo.oscopy 31/12/2013 PASSED
test/basic.oscopy 31/12/2013 PASSED
test/update.oscopy (Note 2) 31/12/2013 PASSED

Note 1: Although there is still the default directory to set automatically

Note 2: After update to use changecapa

New features

  • Support for annotation at start and end of span plus difference when zooming with span tool
  • Support for panning with a mouse button hold (which one)

oscopy-core / back-end

  • Optimize update process (goal: have a refresh rate > 25 FPS to allow interface with acquisition systems, oscilloscope). Hint: use parallelisation.
  • Check whether reference signal can be set when creating from math operation: is it needed to set reference signal afterwards ?
  • Remove Ipython Out[] messages from configure output (see bc3498a)

To be fixed / tested before release

  • Help message on command line arguments (see dd8a1a9)
  • Separator on right bar in figure (see dd8a1a9)
  • Default folder in File»Run netlister and simulate (see 292d75b9)
  • Behavior when no folder is selected in File»Run netlister and simulate (see 292d75b9)
  • Separators in Graph menu of Signal window contextual menu
  • Verify the commands in “Getting Started” section of user manual (at least for issue reported here)
  • Improve behavior in case two sessions of ioscopy are started in parallel (Timeout, g-io-error-quark 24 on

Need a feature not listed here ? Tell there

Roadmap for future releases

oscopy-core / back-end

  • Support for Signal compatible diff()erenciacion
  • Open item: reduce the way to access Signal properties, only [g|s]et_property shall be used?
    • Remove Signal get_* and set_* from the user scope.
    • Remove @properties

User interface / iypthon-oscopy-gtk / front-end

  • Design icons specific to oscopy GUI (main window, figure windows)
  • Replace text only icons with icons and text in tooltip

Previous roadmaps

Roadmap of 0.71

Planned for 0.71 release:

  • Support for other data format: SAMPLE FILES NEEDED ! hspice, spice3 (commit 80cdb6f3), hdf5, csv, sst2, wdf, psf (via ?)
  • New feature: x10 mode: enlarge the X scale by a factor of 10 (add an icon in the tool bar) commit a6089f57
  • New feature: Zoom between cursor: placing horizontal or vertical cursors and pressing 'z' shall enlarge the figure within the limits defined by the cursors REPLACED by span zoom tool commit 1f8b3796
  • New feature: Panning commit 087a1120
  • New feature: Zoom under mouse cursor commit 97956153
  • Support for other languages (currently only en, es) fr translation in commit e010b6ae
  • restore command line options commit 67909ffc
  • Change default behavior when reading a file: duplicate signals shall be renamed (e.g by adding a suffix to the name) commit de0352db6
  • Separate the gui from the framework: make two packages oscopy-core and oscopy-gtk commit f449ee9a7


  • Bug fix: check if cursors are consistent for when (un)zooming 16/03/2011: Hmm… This looks much more complex and to dive deep inside matplotlib: to get the initial view 'home', we need to get the first element in matplotlib.backend_bases.NavigationToolbar2._views which is a matplotlib.cbook.Stack without pop feature. Let consider this bug in the next release, by rewriting the zoom features. SpanSelector might help in this case, and audacity or gtkwave shall be considered as an example commit 80891ed5
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