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Getting started

To run the program, just do


This assume that ioscopy is in your PATH.

A sample circuit is provided for demonstration purposes.

$ ioscopy

Just do “File>Run Netlister and simulate…” and fill in the window with the commands provided below:

For netlister: gnetlist -g spice-sdb -s -o demo.sch
For simulator: gnucap -b
Directory: demo/

then in the terminal window:

oscopy> oexec demo/demo.oscopy

Running oscopy from gschem

To use gschem integration, add the following line to your gschemrc:

(load-from-path "oscopy.scm")

On the next start of gschem, you should see the oscopy menu. Note that you should have done ./configure –prefix=“same prefix as gschem” Then assuming you are in the oscopy directory:

  • launch gschem
  • open demo/demo.sch
  • oscopy>>Launch oscopy
  • Follow the instruction in “Using the GUI”.
  • Once the script finished to execute, go back to gschem and change the value of a component e.g. the capacitor C.
  • oscopy>>Update oscopy
  • once netlister and simulator ran, figures should have changed, e.g. figure 3 vout should have moved and vo not.
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