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Older news

As of 11/2012, Support for translations and command line arguments has been restored. fr translation is now available. Next step is to improve behavior in case of duplicate signal names.

As of 07/2012, Modification of configuration and ioscopy starting is completed. This leaded to a rework of oscopy arborescence. For the gritty that use experimental branch, you might need a local tree cleanup. Work is resuming for translation and command line arguments.

As of 06/2012, IPython 0.12 introduced some modification of the configuration system directly impacting the way ioscopy starts. Work is ongoing to fix this and restore also the command line arguments. Therefore translation work has been deferred;

As of 05/2012, support for panning with scrollbars is completed. A set of radiobuttons has been added to define the Master Pan Graph: when 'All graphs' is selected, any Graph with same unit as selected Master Pan are panned. Now work is focusing on adding new fr translation to oscopy.

As of 04/2012, Support for improved user interaction on Graph has been added: zooming with mouse, panning with scrollbars. Now how to manage the scollbars when 'all graphs' is selected?

As of 03/2012, support for zooming has been added with either mouze wheel or 'z'/'Z', now panning is being implemended.

As of 02/2012, server has been moved to another location, that might have caused service disruption. Work is going on for the zooming features, especially reusing zooming code.

As of 01/2012, in experimental branch the Figure user interface has been updated with an additional side-pane containing zooming options (x10 mode and Span). What is your opinion about this ? Feel free to report it on oscopy's development mailing list ! Current work focus on the implementation of a zoom in/zoom out.

As of 12/2011, ioscopy has been updated to support changes in release 0.11 of IPython. Zooming / Panning of multiples graphs raise some questions from user interface perspective… These will be summarized in a message on oscopy-dev, hopefully before the end of this month !

As of 11/2011, new input file formats have been added (see here), work in progress for the next features described in the roadmap, e.g. improved zoom capabilities.

21/09/2011: v0.70 aka 20110921 released.

As of 09/2011, translation patches have been included and oscopy-api documentation has been updated. To have v0.70 quickly released (this month probably), work on additional input format is deferred for next release.

Note There were some fuss in my git tree, I deleted experimental branch, and restarted it from master.

As of 08/2011, oscopy v0.70.0-rc2 has been released (see this post)

As of 07/2011, work is ongoing to support spice3 format, starting from sp2sp utility but maybe implementing from scratch.

As of 06/2011, move to IPython is complete and now is merged in master branch. Before announcing the release:

  • Testing, testing, testing, testing, testing, fix bugs, fix bugs, fix bugs….
  • Add support for input formats: hspice, spice3
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